Mariah Carey My All at Pavarotti concert

23 Juni 2008

I love this video.
There are two versions. one is the original and the other is remix. at the time 3.40 My all original version is finished. Mariah sings very good. the voice is brillian. with a lot of improvisation, My all live at pavarotti concert was absolutely different than studio version. at the chorus, Mariah doesn’t reach the high note. exactly at “just one more night with you” Mariah take the low note version. but it sounds good. no problem. it doesn’t decrease the beautiful of the song.

Mariah does a lot of improvisation. Mariah does a lot of acrobatic note too. it sounds very difficult to imitate. the improvisation was unpredictable. at almost of the end of the song (original version) Mariah looks like lost their control, but she can cover it. she sing, “no no no… I give my all for your love…” That was unbelievable, unpredictable.

after minute 3.40, the music is become more beat and bounce my head. the remix version is started. Mariah does a lil dance on her leg. it’s very sweet. Mariah doesn’t lost her control. her voice still very strong, smooth, full of energy. the audience looks clapping their hand up follow the beat of the music, so do I, hehehe. Mariah ends the song with the unbelievable note that she can. and you know the audience give her a big crowd and applouse..

I like Mariah carey is not because of the way she wear the sexy clothes. but because of her live performance. it always surprising me! and always make me give a big and huge applouse and shout, even though I watch it alone in my room.

2 Tanggapan to “Mariah Carey My All at Pavarotti concert”

  1. Very interesting blog, i have added it to my fovourites, greetings

  2. ndöp™ Says:

    oh, thakyu so much brah!

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